The Eminent Technology LFT-16a, represents the first hybrid bookshelf speaker using the highly acclaimed Linear Field Planar Magnetic Transducers plus a 6.5" woofer in a low Q sealed enclosure.

The LFT-16a in Oak, Walnut, Gloss Black (comes with black grill cloths)
The magnetic field intensity stays constant as the diaphragm of the speaker panel moves between the magnets following the audio signal. The panel works in a sense like a magnetic equivalent of a push-pull electrostatic loudspeaker without a step up transformer or bias voltage. Applying the audio signal directly to the diaphragm keeps the distortion low even at high sound pressure levels.
The mid-range panel of the LFT-16a speaker uses a low mass foil/Mylar diaphragm with conductor traces etched (like a circuit board) with high resolution to obtain a uniform driving force over the entire surface area of the diaphragm. The high frequency tweeter uses a thin, lightweight diaphragm.
The LFT-16a's require the minimum amplifier power of 25 watts per channel and a maximum suggested amplifier power of 200 watts per channel. The speaker rates as moderately efficient at 85dB/1W/1m and maximum recommended sound pressure level of 103 dB. Eminent-Technology designed the new low frequency woofer carefully to blend seamlessly with the mid-range and high frequency drivers.
The design uses a very low crossover frequency of 250 Hz between the woofer and midrange. The tuned woofer enclosure ensures excellent transient response. Two sets of Edison Price Music Posts speaker connections allow for bi-amping the LFT 16a's.
Enjoy the standard oak finish with black grilles or order the speakers with the optional walnut and gloss black wood finishes for an additional charge. The speaker works ideally in a high-end two channel audiophile system or a multi-channel surround sound system. A pair of Eminent Technology's LFT-16a's and LFT-8b's, with the LFT-12 center channel speaker make up a complete home theater surround sound system.
LFT-16a's extremely low profile takes up much less space than a conventional loudspeaker.
Retail price £1200.00 per pair *
Our price includes FREE delivery throughout the UK mainland **.
An installation service is available if required ***
The LFT-16a Loudspeaker comes with a manufacturers warranty; 3 years parts; 1 years labour
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** Excludes Isle of Wight, Scottish Highlands, Isle of Man, Channel Islands
*** An installation service is available at a cost, for details please contact us.
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