Croft Acoustics

A&D Audio are pleased to be appointed as dealers for the Croft Acoustic amplifiers. 

Phono Integrated - £1000.00

The Phono Integrated is basically a Series 7 amplifier but with a Micro 25 phono stage. I have been listening to it for the last few months now with a set of LFT-16 loudspeakers with a Cyrus CD player and this system really demonstrates good imaging and detail without a hint of grain. The next step up was to use a trusty Rega deck and arm with a Ortofon 2M Red cart and this £300 combo blows the £1000 Cyrus into the weeds! This just shows how good the phono stage in the Croft Intergrated really is. So all in all great value and a convenient solution for those who prefer an integrated over a multi-box setup.



LFT-8b amazing sound from this high quality speaker. The best choice for 2018 without a doubt....

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