About Us

We at A&D Audio believe that music should be fun! A clean, clear, non-fatiguing sound with amazing image depth and a full deep bass response, is what music reproduction should be about.

We pride ourselves on personal service and customer care. So if you have any questions not answered by the web-site, then give us a call, drop us an email or even text us.
Do you like to listen to a little light chamber music after a hard day’s work? How about some “Leftfield” at festival volumes, just because you can. Maybe you love the 3D sound of a girl and her guitar in the shape of Heather Nova or Eleanor McEvoy?
Our first product, the Eminent Technology LFT-8b Linear Field Transducer allows you to indulge yourself in any of these musical genres. The aluminium coated 0.5mm Mylar used in the push-pull magnetic assembly gives it astounding speed and accuracy, with incredibly low distortion and colouration. It can reproduce a square wave, which means it must have good frequency response, phase response, impulse response and transient response. Most speaker companies do not want to discuss square wave performance at all. The custom built bass unit has been designed to work seamlessly with the mid-range and treble units, so it too is astoundingly quick and agile, due in part to the fact that it covers the range from 25Hz to 180Hz only.
This speaker requires little in the way of expensive ancillaries, be they CD player, turntable, amplifier or even cables. With even a modest set-up the results are breathtaking.
We made the decision to bring the LFT-8b into the UK after having used them in our own system for over a year. They still have the ability to make us smile at the sheer amount of detail they can uncover.
We will be bringing more models from the Eminent Technology range in due course. But as a statement of our intent the LFT-8b, the jewel in the crown so to speak, is our first offering.   

LFT-8b amazing sound from this high quality speaker. The best choice for 2018 without a doubt....

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