The LFT-8b is a large full range speaker, do I need a large room?
No the LFT-8b will work in any size room, a 10 feet x 12 feet room is adequate but the LFT-8b will obviously give its best in a larger room as is the case with most loudspeakers.
What colour options are available?
The LFT-8b speakers are predominantly black as you can see from the images. The outer solid wood trim is available in black, oak or walnut.
Will I need to plug the LFT-8b into the mains like an electrostatic?
No, the LFT-8b requires no mains connection making placement easier. This also means that from a sound quality point of view, there are no step-up transformers or bias voltage to distort the signal from the amplifier.
How do the LFT-8b speakers produce such a wide bandwidth sound if they only use an 8Ē woofer?
The bass unit used in the LFT-8b is a custom built unit made by Eminent Technology as none of the off the shelf options were suitable. It was designed to offer the best balance between low frequency response, the size of the box and to blend with the mid-range planar magnetic driver.
The woofer is purposely heavy for an eight inch driver (99.8 grams). Since it is Q that defines transient performance, this mass combined with a very compliant surround and spider gives a very low Q in a small sealed enclosure.
How much power will I need?
You will need about 75 watts as a minimum and as much as 200 watts if you can stretch to it (no more than this, otherwise you risk damage to the membrane and the woofer which is not covered by the warranty). At the higher end of the scale this will deliver a sound pressure level of around 105dB (like standing 3 feet from a working power saw), not that you would want to listen at this level but this ensures that the LFT-8b speaker has ample headroom.
Also you will not need to worry if the amplifier is particularly load tolerant as the LFT-8b is an ďeasyĒ 8-ohm load.
Where is the best place to position the LFT-8b?
Positioning is not critical, as the bass cabinet is a sealed enclosure, so no reflex port to muddy the bass if the unit is close to a rear wall. In fact we have used the LFT-8b hard up against the wall with no problems at all. The best sound will be achieved with the speakers given between 1 and 5 feet of free space behind them. Itís all a question of experimentation to give the best bass depth versus bass clarity and imaging.
Will the strong magnets in the planar magnetic section of the LFT-8b affect anything else in my listening room?
Yes a few things should be kept at least 3 feet from the LFT-8b speaker. First and foremost, from a health point of view, if you have a pacemaker, stay away. Secondly, your TV (if it is the old cathode ray tube type) could be affected. Thirdly, your wallet, as the credit cards could be wiped if you get too close.
The LFT-8b is a 3-way design, will I be able to detect the crossover points?
No, the crossover points on the LFT-8b are at 180 Hz from the bass to the mid-range and 10kHz from the mid-range to the tweeter. This ensures that the ears most sensitive area at 1-3kHz is avoided (although this is where most speakers crossover). This gives the LFT-8b an intensely detailed yet very smooth sound quality.
The LFT-8b loudspeakers have an efficiency rating of 84dB. Does this mean I will have to turn the volume control on my amplifier past half way just to get a reasonable listening level?
Not really because the LFT-8b is a dipole from 180hz to 50khz so you can expect to add about another 3dB to that 84dB in real terms. We have used the LFT-8b with amplifiers with as little as 50 watts in a room 23 feet long with the speakers at one end of the room and the listening seat at the other. The sound pressure achieved made conversation impossible! The main reason for recommending a more powerful amplifier is that a low power amplifier can trip out if pushed too hard. Also more power equals more grip and a tighter more detailed sound. You will not need a high current amplifier, just one with 75 watts or more. If the amplifier clips it will be due to voltage limitation. Valve amplifiers should be used with the 8-ohm connection.
How else can I ensure the LFT-8b will sound itís best in my listening room?
Apart from positioning you can also adjust the treble output via the spade connections on the back of the speaker allowing you to tailor the treble to suit your room, system and listening tastes.
Can I bi-wire?
Yes, the LFT-8b is fitted with the excellent Edison Price Music Posts. These are solid copper for optimum signal transfer and allow the use of spades, banana plugs or even bare wire.
Can I bi-amp?
Yes, you will not increase the overall loudness of the LFT-8b but you will gain a little more clarity. Whether this is worth the additional outlay is dependent on the amplifiers used and your expectation of the increase in performance.
I have lots of SACDís, will the LFT-8b be a suitable loudspeaker?
Yes, the LFT-8b has a frequency response from 25Hz to 50kHz making it perfect for all high-resolution audio formats.
I have a large open plan house, what is the best position for the LFT-8b?
In this situation you have a few choices. Close to a wall, up to 5 feet from a rear wall or you can place them out in the middle of the room so that the LFT-8b is firing in both directions - therefore the music will be of equal volume at either end of the room.
I have a dedicated large (24 feet x 16 feet) listening room and like to listen to large- scale orchestral music at realistic volumes, will the LFT-8b be able to meet my needs?
Yes, one pair of LFT-8b loudspeakers will be enough, but should you wish for even more realism and scale, then consider getting an additional set and stacking them side by side. 

LFT-8b amazing sound from this high quality speaker. The best choice for 2018 without a doubt....

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